Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit 8.41: portable Windows edition

Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit 8.41 is now available for Windows users in the all-new Windows edition. This new update maintains and extends the functionality of EIFT 7, which is now approaching the end of its life cycle. EIFT 8 is provided as a portable edition, eliminating the need for installation. In addition, the updated extraction agent can now access individual folders or file system metadata.

Windows Edition

Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit 8 for Windows retains and extends all the features of EIFT 7. The Toolkit offers advanced logical and low-level extraction with the help of the custom extraction agent. The macOS edition continues to exclusively support forensically sound bootloader-level extraction.

The release of the Windows edition marks a significant step towards true multiplatform compatibility. We are actively working on a Linux edition, with an official announcement expected soon.

Portable Edition

iOS Forensic Toolkit 8 no longer requires installation. The new portable package enables experts to access the Toolkit without the hassle of installation. Experts can start using the product immediately by simply unpacking the archive using the password provided in the registration email.

Selective Folder Access During Low-Level Extraction

The updated low-level extraction agent now allows experts to pull individual folders or just the file system metadata such as file names, sizes, and timestamps.

Command-line interface

iOS Forensic Toolkit 8.41 brings advanced user experience built around the command line. Leveraging the command line provides complete control throughout the extraction workflow, allowing experts to stay in control if any step of the process requires additional attention. Thanks to the command line, experts can also build custom scripts to automate their specific routines.

With this update, Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit becomes the most advanced iOS acquisition tool on the market. The toolkit supports all possible acquisition methods including advanced logical and agent-based extraction, while the macOS edition additionally features forensically sound low-level extraction based on the bootloader exploit.

New in this release:

  • Windows edition: iOS Forensic Toolkit 8 is now available for Windows. iOS Forensic Toolkit 8 for Windows is functionally identical to iOS Forensic Toolkit 7 for Windows; command line interface.
  • Discontinued: iOS Forensic Toolkit 7 is retired.
  • Installer: iOS Forensic Toolkit 8 is now fully portable; no installation is required.
  • Agent: The extraction agent can now pull individual folders or metadata (file names/sizes/timestamps) from the file system.
  • Agent: Accepts output path instead of a file name; file names are assigned automatically.
  • Multiple small kernel-level bugfixes in checkm8 and agent-based extraction processes.

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